Standard Shared Web Hosting

This is the most common and cheapest type of web hosting package available but also a large step up from the majority of free hosting plans and, in my opinion, the best *starter* hosting type to learn from.

The price can vary greatly from host to host and there are multiple tiers with increasing storage, bandwidth, and features. You can find many inexpensive hosting packages with all or some of the following:

  • 100 to 1000+ megabytes of storage space
  • 2 to 80+ gigabytes of bandwidth per month
  • Windows(IIS) or Unix/Linux(Apache) server *
  • Multiple or add-on domains
  • Server side scripting with CGI, PERL, PHP, or ASP(windows) for dynamic pages
  • A handful or unlimited databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL)

* Windows and Unix/Linux is exclusive, the server is running IIS or Apache to serve pages.

The reason it is called "shared" hosting is due to how many websites or accounts they put on each server, it is possible to have dozens to hundreds of web sites on one machine because serving simple web pages is trivial for modern server hardware.

Standard shared hosting accounts use, or in most cases require, a unique domain name (ex:, making them a good start for home business and small business websites or an upgrade to any site which regularly exceeds bandwidth on a free host.


  • Cost - cheap, $5 per month and up depending on storage and bandwidth
  • Advanced features - PHP, MySQL, ASP
  • Unique domain or web address, ex:
  • Personalized e-mail addresses at your own unique domain, ex:
  • No pop-ups or automatic banners by the provider
  • Available with large amounts of storage and bandwidth if needed


  • Shared environment and resources - out of hundreds of sites on the same machine one may not play nice and use up server resources which can slow/bring down every other website on that server.
  • No administrative privileges or ability to modify apache,php,etc configuration files or install any add-ons..

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